Translation agency “Great” provides a professional language interpretation of two types. Each of them has its own peculiarities. The first one is consecutive interpretation. It is used on addressing to a small audience. In case when the audience is relatively large and the speaking takes much time, it is better to order simultaneous interpretation services. Here you can find a more detailed description of them both.

Consecutive interpretation is a type of interpreting that is perfect for a small audience. It includes personal meetings, conducting negotiations or series of events.

The choice of interpretation type directly depends on programme and procedure of the event. Alternatively, on the basis of provided consecutive interpretation the procedure of the event should be planned.

Specificity of consecutive interpretation lies in the fact that it is executed in separate pieces. After hearing a part of speech, an interpreter produces the translation after the pause of the speaker. Thus, the time of one speech considerably increases.

Simultaneous interpretation is a type of interpretation that is used in many situations such as continuous speeches, speaking before a large audience, in case of interpretation from various languages.

This type of interpreting is more specific than the previous one. An interpreter, who sits in a special room or booth, needs special equipment with the help of which he can hear the orator’s speech and perform the interpretation in sync with it.

Cost of interpretation services

While setting prices for interpretation services, translation agency “Great” takes into account a number of factors:

  • type of interpretation (simultaneous interpretation is much tougher than consecutive and correspondingly the prices of services are substantially different);
  • format and level of the organized events (for complex events a more experienced interpreter is needed);
  • number of languages (competence in one or several languages);
  • subject matter of the speech (interpreting of highly specialized topics of the event or a particular speech costs more);
  • number of interpreters.

Our translation agency takes interpretation orders not later than the day preceding the time of order execution. Minimal order is 1 hour.