Certified (Sworn) Translation

On applying to governmental authorities of different countries, for example, for exit abroad with the purpose of studying or residence, for registration of business or real property one may face a demand to provide sworn translation of documents. This demand seems even more incomprehensible considering that in CIS countries there is no Institute of Sworn Translation and it never existed. So let’s see into a matter of translations of this kind.

What is sworn translation?

Sworn or certified translation is a translation executed by a person who has special accreditation in the relevant authority of his country. The translation is certified by his personal seal and signature, it has legal force and legal clause (a special provision in legal translation) of fidelity and accuracy of the translation executed. As a rule, such translation is registered in a special Register.

The sworn translation differs from the notarized one in that the notary certifies the verity of a signature, and the sworn translator certifies factual authenticity  and adequacy of translation being personally liable for it. The document certified in this way has legal force and can be applied to in judicial instances in the way of evidence. The Unified International Standard of sworn translators certification does not exist, so in different countries the functions of a sworn translator may slightly differ but the essence remains the same.

Sworn translation of such documents can be executed:

  • acts of civil state (birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, death certificates and so on);
  • documents of the establishments of property rights for real estate;
  • diplomas and extracts from them;
  • partner agreements, contracts, statements of financial affairs, reports;
  • acts issued by legal executives;
  • acts executed in notary’s offices and other.

Foreign citizens who have just arrived in a country and have only notarized translations may often face the demand to provide a sworn translation. However, none of sworn translators can agree to just certify the existing translation because they are personally responsible for it. And the procedure of retranslating costs in money and time. That is why we strongly recommend you to have a sworn translation consultation in advance and if necessary to order the procedure beforehand.

Benefits of working with us

If you faced the necessity to submit a sworn translation, turn to the translation agency “Great”. We:

  • have contacts with sworn translators in many countries;
  • can provide you with all the necessary consultations thanks to many years’ experience;
  • are ready to take upon ourselves all problems concerning preparation of documents abroad;
  • realize democratic pricing policy and do not demand any hidden fees and charges;
  • constantly stay in touch with our clients and embassies, as one of the guiding principles of our work is complete provision of information.

Documents executed in the translation agency “Great” meet all the requirements of governmental and administrative authorities of countries that apply in practice sworn translations.