Documents Preparation for Translation

The quality of the translation depend heavily on the degree of documents preparation for the translation process.

  1. In order to get the translation of the highest quality it is essential that you formulate your desires, requirements and characteristics of the document execution crucial for you in advance. On presenting documents for translation you have to provide the manager with the complete information of where, when and for which purposes the document will be submitted, as this affects the peculiarities of documents translation and the implementation of certain regulations acting in different instances, authorities and countries.
  2. It is highly important to verify validity of the data stated in the document (its original) before presenting it for translation. It results in saving all the factual mistakes in the translation and the correction of errors costs time and money. You also need to prepare the transliteration of proper names used in the original and think of the necessity of page proofs.
  3. While submitting materials for translation you have to discuss translated text layout: whether it will completely correspond to the original, the necessity to leave graphic images, the peculiarities of arrangement of text etc.

Thus the quality of the translation depends on various factors and not only on the direct work of a translator. In keeping with the mentioned rules you can avoid lots of unpleasant situations connected with documents preparation and save time and money.